D19 Transportation Service, Inc.

Mission Statement


D19 Transportation Service Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to achieving significant improvements in rural and small-town areas.

D19 Transportation Service Inc. provides an alternative option to the existing transit system to needy individuals in rural and small towns and hosts programs to improve mobility, increase safety, and provide expanded transportation choices to enhance the quality of life for area for needy individuals.

Mission Statement

D19’s mission is to foster and support an organization dedicated to achieving a significantly improved transportation system through private and public sector activities in the Corporation’s Area of Concern. D19 will identify and evaluate measures and means that will collectively provide the Corporation’s Area of Concern with an effective and efficient transportation system.

D19’s functional areas will focus on:

Work with local transit service providers to identify needs, develop support, and assure the best possible transportation service in the D19’s Area of Coverage. 

Market transit services and other alternative commute options to needy individuals in rural and small-town areas. 

Provide affordable housing for low-to-extremely-low income individuals and for people experiencing long term homelessness. Focusing on economically disadvantaged individuals and families in rural and small towns.

Foster Community Health Education Programs focusing on Sickle Cell Anemia.

D19 will network with service providers, and government agencies to resolve issues, improve operation, and provide transportation assistance to needy individuals.