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D19 Transportation Service, Inc.

Our Vehicles

D19 Transportation Service, Inc. maintains vehicles that are specially fitted to accommodate disabled passengers or wheel-chair bound individuals. Interiors in our vehicles are large with raised roofs. We also have hydraulic lifts to help the passenger settle into the vehicles. We are highly committed  to providing you with  the best transportation experience. We are the solution and  We’ll Get You There...

Our Drivers

Professionally trained with clean driving records and backgrounds, with an emphasis on safety first.  Our well-trained attendants and drivers from D19 Transportation Service Inc. will ensure that your trip will be comfortable and safe. As much as possible, we will help you get to your destinations on time.


D19 Transportation Service Inc. provides safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation for persons using wheelchairs or whose limited mobility impacts their ability to be transported by regular route, as well as the public at large. D19 vehicles follow very strict safety guidelines which includes daily, monthly and annual inspections. Our vehicles are equipped with an accident kit, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

Our Programs

D19 Cab Program

D19  Transportation Service Inc. provides an alternative option                to the existing transit system to needy individuals in rural and small towns and hosts programs to educate the community on health related issues.  Our objectives are to improve mobility, increase safety, and provide expanded transportation choices to enhance the quality of life for area needy individuals.

D19 Affordable Housing Program

D19 Affordable Housing Program, provides affordable housing for low-to-extremely-low income individuals and for people experiencing long term homelessness. Focusing on economically disadvantaged individuals and families in rural and small towns.

Charitable Contributions

D19 Transportation Service Inc. provides charitable contributions for persons with Sickle Cell Anemia

D19 Donated Rides Program

D19 Donated Cab Services Program, provides free rides to eligible individuals.  Contact us to determine eligibility.  

Sickle Cell

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